"Majority of voters think the County is on the wrong track."


(FM3 poll – November 2021)

"Homelessness is nearly universally seen as a "very serious" problem - 93%."


(FM3 poll – November 2021)

"After voters hear arguments for and against the measure the final vote is 71% Yes, with 49% strongly supportive."


(Hart Research Associates – January/February 2022)

The Emergency Homeless Shelter and Enforcement Act of 2022

  • Requires the city manager to identify temporary shelter and camping locations on city property. Allows city manager to contract with non-profit organizations, or state, federal, county or private property, if necessary. Such shelters cannot be located near schools, daycare centers, playgrounds, or in neighborhood parks.
  • Allows for two types of emergency shelter, including camping space.
  • The number of shelter spaces must equal at least 75% of the total number of homeless persons in the city based on the most recent “point in time” count. This requirement allows the city to enforce its anti-camping ordinance under the Boise case.
  • Makes homeless encampments (as defined) unlawful at all times.
  • Requires the city to provide information to every homeless person it encounters as to the location of shelters and social services provided by the city, county, and nonprofits within the city.
  • Authorizes the city manager to assist homeless individuals to move to authorized shelters or camping locations using all means, including rideshare companies.
  • Allows any resident damaged or harmed by a homeless encampment to demand that the city eliminate a public nuisance on its public property and to take legal action if the city refuses to address the public nuisance caused by its inaction on homeless encampments
  • Voters believe that this measure will improve the livability, security, and economic vitality of the city and of our neighborhoods. Right now, small businesses have been forced to close because the city doesn't enforce its anti-camping ordinance, average citizens are unable to use public parks and other public property, and, meanwhile, garbage is piling up all over the city.
  • Sacramento voters have passed a sales tax increase that promised to help move the unhoused off our streets and get them services, and this measure simply requires city government and the politicians to be more efficient AND more accountable for what they promised.
  • This measure will help address the public safety crisis that includes increases in retail and property theft, burglary, property damage, and other drug-related crimes. In addition, the homeless encampments this measure would reduce have caused significant damage to public and private property, including numerous and dangerous fires.

Measure U Promise

“Sacramento’s homelessness crisis is growing problem we see every day. With Measure U, we can provide housing and supportive services, including mental health care and substance abuse treatment, to help the homeless get back on their feet and off the streets for good.”

– Official Measure U Ballot Arguments

Voters are not happy...


March - May

Draft Ballot Measure

Title and Summary

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City of Sacramento Poll:

  • Homelessness is the top issue facing the city, at 71%
  • 57% have little to no confidence that the City can fix the problem
  • Over 50% do not know enough to say if local Sacramento government is doing the right or wrong things to address the issue and 30% think they are doing the wrong things.
  • Over 60% think the problem can be solved with the right leadership and policies

 (Hart Research Associates – January/February 2022)

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Three days after a deadly mass shooting downtown, the Sacramento City Council voted 7-2 to place a homeless measure on the November ballot. If voters approve the Emergency Homeless Shelter and Enforcement Act of 2022, could it be a statewide template? We turn to Daniel Conway. He helms the Sacramentans for Safe and...

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Metro Chamber Supports Proposed Ballot Measure

Sacramento, Calif. – The Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce has announced its public support of a local proposed ballot measure to reduce homelessness in the region. The Emergency Temporary Shelter and Enforcement Act of 2022...

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