Yes on Measure O Committee Responds to Frivolous Lawsuit Against City of Sacramento

August 25, 2022
Contact: Matt Rexroad

Sacramento, CA – Leaders of Sacramentans for Safe and Clean Streets and Neighborhoods, the coalition that drafted and proposed Measure O for the November ballot, responded to today’s action by the Superior Court of Sacramento to keep the Measure on the November ballot and reject an effort to pull it from consideration.

After being placed on the ballot by the Sacramento City Council, Measure O, also known as the Emergency Shelter and Enforcement Act of 2022, was challenged by self-proclaimed activists who wrongly claimed the measure would violate court precedent on homelessness policy established by the Boise decision.

Joshua Wood, CEO of Sacramento Region Business Association, stated, “We are thankful the judge rejected this desperate attempt to block our measure to address homelessness. Voters deserved the chance to approve Measure O. Our coalition has worked for months to give voters the opportunity to take firm action on homelessness, and thankfully, they will be able to do so this November.”

Amanda Blackwood, President and CEO of the Sac Metro Chamber, stated, “Measure O stands on firm legal ground and sound policy developed with the top legal minds in the State. We are pleased the court saw past this wasteful and misguided attempt to remove the measure from the ballot. Democracy will be served and voters will have a say on homelessness this November as they should. I have no doubt they will overwhelmingly approve Measure O.”

Tim Davis, President of the Sacramento Police Officers Association, stated, “Today’s ruling will ensure voters have an opportunity to make their voices heard in November. Measure O will give Sacramento officers an important tool to better protect our city and reduce the level of suffering on our streets.”

Daniel Conway, Chair of Sacramentans for Safe and Clean Streets and Parks, stated, “Measure O was built on a legal and policy foundation that includes previously approved federal settlements in Orange County and Los Angeles. It also reflects successful models from other cities and recommendations from Governor Newsom‘s  Homelessness Task Force, which Mayor Steinberg cochaired. Judge Chang’s ruling today demonstrates this initiative is legally sound and that Sacramento voters deserve to have a voice in how the city addresses the greatest challenge facing our community.”

If passed, Measure O will require the implementation of a no-camping ordinance citywide, require the establishment of emergency temporary shelter sites, and call for the county to administer substance abuse, mental health, and social services at emergency shelter locations.

Sac Metro Chamber and Region Business are leaders of Sacramentans for Safe and Clean Streets and Parks, a countywide coalition of business, labor, and concerned community members formed to advocate for and support immediate emergency action on homelessness by the City and County of Sacramento.

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